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Control electronics 230 Vac for 1 ideal for sliding gate motor or hydraulic or flying

230 Vac Control panel

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? Control panel for 1 motor ideal for sliding or swinging doors or hydraulic actuators
? Electronic adjustment of the torque on 4 levels
? Simple diagnostics thanks to the LEDs that indicate the status of the inputs
? Automatic and semi-automatic operating logic
? Removable terminal boards
? It comes with built-in 433.92 MHz 64-code radio receiver (programmable code/variable code)
? Inputs for opening and closing limit switches
? Programmable input as single-step or open
? Fitted with SB box.

The presence of the encoder in the 230 Vac versions ensures they fully comply with safety standard (this is guaranteed by the amperometric sensor in the 24 Vdc versions).