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Set ready for installation for gate up to 2.8 meters, 24vdc







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SET BH23 / 284

  • BRUSHLESS articulated arm electromechanical gearmotor, with low voltage, to use super intensive,
    with native encoder on board, irreversible, for swing gates up to 2,8 meters delonguer at maximum
    . With mechanical stop adjustable in opening and closing, e with short arms standard
  • Electronic kit with 24V digital control B70 / 2DC / BOX for 2 BRUSHLESS engines
  • Digital controller 24V for 2 BRUSHLESS motors, in plastic container
  • 433.92 Mhz Dual Channel Radio Receiver for the H70, B70 and AG / CTRL Control Center
  • 433.92 MHz 2-channel fixed code radio with copy functionality
  • Pair of exterior photocells synchronized 24V AC / DC up to 4 pair
  • LED flashing serie R92 24V DC
  • Clamping antenna series R92
  • Automatic Opening signaling plate
SET BH23/284

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