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 Ready-to-install set for gates 2 wings blocking or reversible selectable on the operator equipped with buried hydraulic operators 230 Vac







Les conditions de garantie sont définies par les fabricants.

  • 2x Operator FLOOR830
  • 2x Foundation box
  • 1x F4 PLUS control unit
  • 1x Radio receiver card
  • 1x DOMINO DTS4334 - 433 MHz radio control
  • 1x Wall photocell set DCF180

FLOOR, available in 230Vac (FLOOR830) and 24Vdc (FLOOR824), is the operator that allows to hide the automation thus maintaining the perfect aesthetics of the portal.

For each model a unique version that allows the opening of the door up to 180 °.

The new GIBIDI technology makes the operator reversible or irreversible with very simple maneuvers. Thanks to the overpressure valves for opening and closing force adjustment and the 24Vdc technology, it is possible to reach the maximum level of safety against crushing, as provided by the EN 12453 standard. possibility to adjust the speeds in opening and closing, and the use of limit switches (optional) complete the product. The unlocking device for the emergency maneuver, in case of blackout, is easy to access and can be used to choose from inside or outside the gate.

The foundation box, with self-lubricating bronze bushing, is entirely self-supporting and allows the operator to be installed without having to remove the doors from the gate.


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