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1 engine for doors sectionnelles and field kitchens, pleated doors in more than two leaves, unbalanced shutters and industrial sliding doors

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230 Vac or 400 Vac (central food) 230 Vac 900W or 400Vac 2200W (food engines)

THINK power plant with buttons of opening, closure and stop incorporated into the control panel.

Integrated LCD screen 

Planned for radio receiver embrochable 

Borniers extractibles 

Entered at the end of race engine

Entered open, farm and pedestrian

Entered for 4 pairs of photocells 

Entered for sensitive profile N.C or 8K2

Taken out for lighting of service and witness of signaling of open portal

Protection against the absence of phase and the overload engine 

Possibility of managing the parameters memorized on the electronic power plant with the system Advantouch

Number of laborers


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