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Central for 1 motor for sectional and industrial roller door. 400Bacac central power supply and 400Vac and 1500W motor power supply.

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Integrated LCD display. 433.92MHz integrated radio receiver, 64 codes and 3 radio codings (programmable code, variable code and ARC). Extractable terminal blocks. Motor limit switch inputs. Step-by-step inputs, opens and closes. Pedestrian entrance. Entry off. Inputs for 3 pairs of photocells. Input for NC or 8K2 sensitive profile. Output for open portal signaling indicator, second radio channel, photocell test and service light. Automatic adjustment of operating parameters. Electronic torque adjustment. Slow opening and closing. Electronic braking ensures precision stop even with heavy doors. Possibility to configure the parameters and manage the radio controls with the Advantouch systems. Integrated inverter. Number of maneuvers. Password for access to programming. Maintenance Signal