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Irreversible electromechanical operators for non-overflowing or counterbalanced doors

2 limit switches opening and closing







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The ideal product for non-overflowing or counterweight doors, both for use in residences and condominiums. Elegant and compact, allows easy installation, is equipped with courtesy lighting and integrated limit switches in opening and closing. The new reinforced mechanics allows it to be extremely robust, silent and reliable over time. Release device for the integrated emergency maneuver, with the possibility of connecting it to the door handle. Thanks to the wide range of control units, it is possible to adjust the force and the deceleration in opening and closing, thus obtaining the maximum level of safety against crushing, as provided by the EN standard. 12453, an even simpler operation for the 24 Vdc version, which also allows the optional battery kit to open and close the door even when there is no power.