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Remote control Beninca with 4 chanels 433.92 MHz

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The BENINCA TO.GO4VA ARC series remote control allows you to control your BENINCA door and gate. This transmitter is provided with 4  buttons allowing the control of two separate automations or devices (example: garage door + outdoor garden lighting). Also, you can program on your remote BENINCA an option such as the pedestrian opening, very used on a gate with two leaves.

The new BENINCA TO.GO remote control with ARC coding (Advanced Rolling code) is available in 4 channels, (TO.GO4A). The new coding guarantees maximum security thanks to the length of the transmitted code (128 bits against the 64 bits of the previous TO.GO remote control).

The new BENINCA TO.GO4VA portal beeps work with the new Advanced Rolling Code (ARC) coding. , but when needed can easily be converted into Rolling Code Standard.TO.GO ARC becomes the unique and unmistakable transmitter for opening BENINCA systems, guaranteeing optimum safety and reliability