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Terminal electro pop, VIGILANT 800I, 24Vdc  

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Automatic Retractable Bollard Electro-Mechanical Vigilant 800, simple to install, very reliable.

For private use, commercial, industrial or public.

Power management plant in 230 volts, 24 volts operator guaranteeing a large number of operations without overheating.

Diameter 200 mm, 800 mm height above ground, steel 8 mm thick stainless steel with 1.2mm coverage.

Impact resistance 11000 J. breaking strength 180 000 J. 7 sec Rise Time.

5 dry-down time.

Approved fluorescent band. flashing LED ring light high in the upper part of the terminal.

8 mm thick.

integrated power electronics, automotive component.

Scheduled for the UPS group of the connection to ensure automatic operation even in case of power failure.

Power options of UPS by solar panel.

Acetal resin seal to protect the housing from the terminal of the gravel infiltration.

Ethernet connection via TCP / IP.

Cover the EN124 standard (40t).

IP68 Many cycles per day and very low energy consumption.

One can raise and lower terminal also in case of total failure of the control units and in case of power failure.