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Central control for 4 terminals VIGILANT 500 / i

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4 terminals for VIGILANT 500 / i

The control units for 2 and 4 retractable terminals are provided with terminal A-B-C that lower or raise the same terminal in case of total break of the control units and the absence of current.

To lift it suffices that the motor and brake work for lowering it suffices that only the brake operates.

Transformer with dual input 230 / 250V and thermal pellet.

Can control 4 battery terminals individually or synchronously.

Equipped with control ALL UP / DOWN ALL.

Diagnostic LEDs which indicates the lack of 24V auxiliary power supply.

Scheduled for any type of 24V control.

3 possibilities of management of current emergencies.

Power and communication between CU RS485.

Arranged for UPS module and solar panel.

Bruiter sound in different modalities to monitor the status of the battery.

8 DIP Switch Programmable for multiple configurations.

Ethernet connection via TCP / IP LAN.

Integrated electronics for the management of two traffic lights.

High safety for pedestrians.

8 control inputs / 4 control inputs for magnetic sensors / 2 transistor outputs 24V